Time flies…

When you are writing code!

Got stuck into working on some long overdue tweaks to my mod player routines these last few days, finetune and BPM based timing.  Both of which I have now solved and implemented (although some additional tidying will be needed in the future!).  Unfortunetly both require lookup tables at the moment due to the chunk of maths or brute force needed to compute the tables, it works, and if I figure a nicer solution I can always add it later.

Both of the additions only required less than 10 lines of RISC code each to make use of their LUTs, a little bit of buffer space and a bit of main RAM, and bish bash bosh things sound that little bit better.

Still a few more effects I want to get finished off before I roll out this release of the SoundEngine however, but it is being worked on!  I have a chunk of time coming up where I should be doing a fair amount of work on it, so who knows, could be a new SE release in June! watch this space!.. well watch the U-235 website really 😀

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