Here are my boards

Board Name Type Status For Sale
Golden Axe System 16B OK no
Altered Beast System 16B Bad Sync no
SilkWorm Bootleg(?) OK no
Double Dribble Konami OK no
Street Fighter 2 Bootleg little iffy no
Xane Selina Bootleg ? poor sound no
Super Pang 3 ? OK no
Primal Rage Atari ? Faulty player gfx maybe
Midnight Resistance ? OK no
1 Slot MVS (old) Neo-Geo Won’t boot maybe
1 Slot MVS (new) Neo-Geo OK no
Knights of the Round CapCom OK no
Asterix Konami Corrupt Sound no
Boogie Wings Data East OK no

Wanted Boards

These are the boards I am looking for and interested in buying, get in touch if you are selling any of the following.

Ghosts and Goblins

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