Hack hack hack

I couldn’t really bring myself to get stuck into coding truly on my TT, which is a shame as I imagine it could be lots of retro fun, but I actually needed to get stuck in and not spend all my time faffing trying to get the dev environment built, and tracking down some of bits and bats I had decided I wanted was becoming a chore, that combined with the low res I would need to be working in….

e-Jagfest was as usual an eye opener, this year more than most, for one it was packed with cool people, old and new, and I also drove there which was fun.  One of the guys travelling with us was Kev who’s rather spiffy Jag set-up which he took with him introduced me to a SkunkBoard in action.  Creative juices a flowing you could say, I spent the whole event pondering things again, itching to get stuck in.

So, the ‘producer’ I guess you could label him, Gaz :)  leant me his SkunkBoard and even put down the reservation for me on my own (being short of cash sucks).  He is keen for me to not lose my way and drift off, he has ideas for games and stuff, so is providing the nudges to keep me interested, combined with promises of some art work from Kev, its all coming together.  As well as this the computer club at The Lass where a few of us get together for beers, chatting and even playing retro games, my coding jucies have been flowing of late.

This weekend I have had FAR too much fun hacking away at 68K assembly on my jag and learning more about how to use a SkunkBoard, managed to get my startup code working, VBL interrupt setup, and am now starting work on my object list compiler and some debug code for helping.

Actually managed to write a tiny little routine to convert the contents of a CPU register into a hexadecimal string representation, not terribly hard but something I had never actually thought of doing before.

Anyway, though rather than subject my Facebook status to more random comments I should probably write stuff about this here! FB pisses me off in a lot of ways but is too useful to bin, cursed thing.  Now on to find out why I am having a linking issue 🙂

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