Ps3 jailbreaking

Looks like Sony have crushed the ps3 hack to allow you to run ‘homebrew’ and illegal software on your ps3.

Oh dear, what a pity, nevermind.

I don’t see what the fuss is about, those who want to write home brew games.. Write them for an open system, like say your pc, or the mac or something. Just because you bought the hardware doesn’t entitle you to hack it and breach the licensing agreement you agreed to when you opened the box. You did read it didn’t you? No? Shame.

I imagine every backdoor found will be closed as quick, the joys of online patching eh?

4 thoughts on “Ps3 jailbreaking”

  1. It’s understandable that they’re trying to patch it quickly, and yes people should realise that they entered into a contract when opening it up. Many didn’t expect them to rip out OtherOS completely in response to the initial hack though.

    Imagine $car_company remotely disabled the hifi unit on all their cars if they discovered there’s a hole in the bluetooth pairing that allows copied CDs to play, or something equally knee-jerk-ish.

    What if MS were to disable all movie playback on PCs when someone breaks the HDCP system? Where is the boundary between “I paid for this technology” and “I am renting a technology”?

  2. Would that be the license “agreement” that is not visible to view until AFTER you have purchased the console?

    As it’s not provided prior to purchase it is not reasonable to claim that any restrictive terms in it which were not made clear prior to supply are actually part of any agreement.

  3. I would say it was more akin to if the car company after shifting several hundred thousand units disabled a feature that only say 0.1% of the user based had used. I would rather they spent their development money improving the console rather than them faffing around so some ‘wanna be’ hackers can say “look I am running Linux on my PS3”.

    I never saw the point of it at all, why buy what is essentially a very expensive computer with a blu-ray player designed for a specific purpose and then run an OS on it, when you could buy a much cheaper computer and run the same OS on that with much better results!?

    I bought a PS3 for Blu-Rays and PVR primarily, and as a secondary games. If they turned any of those features off that would be more like disabling the stereo in a car, instead of protecting their revenue stream from un-licensed software and piracy.

  4. Like most software and things these days. Once you got the unit home if you read the agreement and didn’t agree, you are within your consumer rights to return the unit and get a refund.

    Also if you plan to use PSN service, you are presented with the agreement before you can use that, so once again if you don’t agree with it you don’t use the service.

    If you just blindly accepted it, you can’t really complain about them doing things that the agreement allows them to do.

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