State of modern ‘Arcade’ games and perhaps society?

Had a play on some modern arcade machines at the weekend.. what a sham! £2 to play and I suspect player involvement is fairly optional to the gameplay on the most part. I completed the 1st section/level was told well done and then insert another credit (£1) to continue.. WTF!

Utter conning robbing garbage! They had 2 similar designed ‘pods’ one a Star Wars x-wing fighter ‘sim’ the other a Jet fighter ‘sim’ both pretty much identical games with essentially different gfx and sound.

Was highly disappointing. That coupled with the ‘ticket’ based rewards ‘games’ where it’s not possible to NOT get tickets, and what you do get are pretty much worth less than the paper they are made of. Is everything these days so dumbed down so as to appease low attention, unskilled, drooling muppets looking for constant gratification? For me its a depressing glimpse into society as a whole 🙁

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