SoundEngine new release

Well as my very lovely lady is away, and I seem to have irked my hamstring somehow AND the weather here is utter rubbish at the moment I thought I would crack on with some improvements to my Sound Engine.

Last few days have been spent faffing with the Vibrato effect, this effect takes two parameters, one sets the frequency and the other the amplitude of a pitch distortion of a playing sound.  It always gives me a headache to code, and as my OCD tends to want perfection that irks me further.  The amplitude is based on 8ths of a semitone, of course as these are calculated by a non-linear expression it requires some look up action.. but then if you are coming off the end of a slide, there is a good chance that the current playback period may not actually exist in your lookup table.. so I engineered a less than accurate, but hopefully good enough work around.

So I compute a percentage of the current period which is approximetly the same size as an 8th of a semitone between the current note and it’s neighbour, so whilst not 100% accurate, it works irrespective of the actual playback period and gives similar audiable effects.

Overall I am quite pleased with my solution, that combined with the other effects I have added support for and the improved timing code so that non 50Hz timing based modules play correctly make quite a lot of modules that sounded a bit iffy now sound bob-on..

Of course this has meant I have had to rethink a lot of previous ideas, had new ideas and subsequently need to re-write a fair chunk of the code before I progress further.. or I will claw my own eyes out, but its all going nicely and I have my most hated effect completed, so the rest should be easy now… should be… 😀

Anyone who is interested you can download it from the website here, complete with a changelog

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