Popped out for an ‘easy’ ride with my lady yesterday.  I say ‘easy’ that’s her deffinition, her easy is more like my moderate, but I am improving at least.  Decided to try the Fallowfield loop out, to see how tandem friendly it would be, only looking to ride for an hour and half.  This soon highlighted my own improvements to me, last time I rode this was a couple of months ago and riding its length and back again was pushing my abilities.  However this time, I found the 10 miles out rather easy, the route however was less tandem friendly than I hoped.  Stopping for lights on main roads is a lot more preferable than having to get off the bike to hoist it over gates etc.  Also playing in traffic (even on a tandem) whilst playing the ‘dodge the pothole’ game is a lot more fun and less risky than dodging kids/dogs and muppets wandering along cycle paths 🙂

After an hour and half of cycling although a bit tired I still had some left in me, so I am certainly improving 🙂  I think I am going to have to do a fair bit more on my solo bike to get ready for the Great Manchester Cycle (I have entered myself for the 52 mile time limited version!!).. I think I few 50 mile routes will need to be completed.. I think it should be do-able however.  Will be interesting to see how I do against other riders.

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