Moar success!

I cannot believe how well this is going!  not only did my plan for volume adjustment work perfectly, I managed to write the whole thing in RISC on the DSP without any screwups!  Even managing to craft a procedure call with appropriate return 1st time!  Rather pleased with myself.

Some more cracks are starting to show in the less well planned code 🙂 it is like building a wall ontop of a badly done foundation, the more you build the more the foundation crumbles and needs bodging to keep up.  The re-write to RISC will be fresh at least, all though lovely extra registers to play with should make this run even sweeter.

In addition to my volume success I finally twigged on the period values being used within the tracker files, and believe I have actually tuned this to play at the correct pitch now, making it sound even better!  I tried a different tune and this highlighted a load more bugs I need to fix (ignoring the additional effects it uses for now), and yet more crumbling code as well as illustrating a possible need for multiple format detection.

Going to finish up early tonight as I want more sleep and I also need to build a VTES deck for playtime tomorrow 🙂

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