Blit o this, Blit o that

More fun and games with the blitter tonight, and mostly a success too.  Painting a 32×32 image into a 320×200 screen, getting the painting to not overwrite the background image, stuff like that.  In the process got to learn a lot more about the blitter and experienced some interesting effects which it may be nice to play with when I get to write something a bit more substantial 🙂

Tried my hand at blitter fading too, actually got it to work eventually as well! alas it seems to cane the system and there simply isn’t enough bandwidth to do what I had hoped.  Although as is the way I have had an idea or two how I may be able to improve the effect I was after and speed the process up too!  But that is something to play with tomorrow 🙂

As well as some full screen scrolling I hope too.

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