Now Reading.. again

I finally got around to replacing the broken Now Reading plugin, with an updated version Now Reading Reloaded, so I can get back on with tracking and reviewing books (at the snails pace that I read them at :) ), Hopefully it will motivate me to get more read.  I have been reading my way through a Christmas present I got many years ago at last.  So far just the first book of the five I have been reading through.. (Lets see if I can get this to work)..

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

Not far from completing it either.  I was hoping to read something else and not just work through all of them in sequence (otherwise I may become a bit bored with the  story).  Thankfully I just recieved my copy of Sweating the Metal, which is a true life look at life as a Chinook pilot, operating in Afganistan.  Saw an interview with the author on TV and thought it sounded interesting:

Sweating the Metal

Hopefully crack on with that in the none too distant future :)


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